Mohegan Manor, Baldwinsville NY

I am inspired and overjoyed when couples grant me the opportunity to express complete creative control. As wedding photographers, there are certain photographs that must be taken, and for many photographers, as long as those are captured, they have done their job. Personally, if my couples are happy with their images, I have not done nearly enough. It is not acceptable to me for my couples to be anything but entirely blown away. And when I am given the opportunity to simply document the way I feel weddings should be documented, I, knock on wood, have never missed this mark.

Jenn & David were the kindest, most selfless people I have met in a long time. The things they both have accomplished in their life and their education complete astound me. On top of all that, these two are entirely nuts about each other, and I believe their images prove that!

From Harry Potter wands to lightsaber duals in the street, this was a memorable one. My wife, Lauren, exclaimed that this wedding, having covered it alone, might be my best work to date. I won't agree or disagree with this, but I know that the couple received 400 more images than I promised, and have already contacted me about buying an album.

Happy couples. Happy photographer.




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