I see the world in 16 mm...

I see the world in 16 millimeters...

Restlessness urged me out of the house last night. I stopped by a familiar spot and quickly found out two things.
one, the clouds looked pretty great.
second, i forgot the attachment that holds my neutral density filters to the camera lens. ( i also had no tape)
My options were to either make another decent photo of a spot i have hundreds of photos of or figure something out quick. 
I use square ND filters, not screw on ones. My only option to create what I felt was to hold the filters by hand. Now typically, very easy to hold a filter up for 30 seconds. If you notice the horizon in this image, the sky is darker than the foreground, this is on purpose. I placed one filter over the rocks and water and two over the sky. 
Many years ago, the pastor at my church shared a beautiful meditation practice with our youth group. This experience has reminded me many times that peace can be found at any moment. I relaxed, focused on what I needed to create, struggled to clear my head and took a deep breath...
held my arms out, filters gripped tightly between my fingers and slowly exhaled for the entire 30 second exposure. 
In the scale of this image, moving the filters approximately one to two millimeters up or down would cause an unusable photograph. and it did...seven times.
But, if there is one thing photography has taught me...it is patience. 

I learned tonight that I see the world in 16 millimeters.